REVIEW: Mamonde Easy Drawing Gel Liner

Today’s post is a review on Mamonde’s Easy Drawing Gel Liner in Brown (No.2). I’ve been wanting a gel liner for a really long time, so during my trip to Korea i picked it up from Aritaum after seeing how pretty the colour was. A bottle is about 6g (decent size, not too small), and I paid about $12 if I remember correctly.

Included in the handle is a small eyeliner brush. Kinda cute but the brush is not as firm as I would like it to be, especially if I’m gonna be drawing an intense line and need lots of control.

Mamonde Easy Drawing Eyeliner 02 Brown

Don’t be fooled by the name! It ain’t plain brown yo. Inside the liner there are many tiny specks of gold glitter, but on the eyes it’s not that visible. I love me some glitter though, so pretty~


It’s a pretty natural liner, and the texture is creamy. Not too wet, I like! However, I felt that the brush made it harder to apply the colour since the tip of the brush is so thin.

Blog photos

Overall, I like the liner, it’s really pretty and it lasts super long. No smudge, no flaking off, it’s good~

Unfortunately, Mamonde is not available in Singapore. You can purchase the liner here instead.

REVIEW: Mamonde Easy Drawing Gel Liner

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