REVIEW: Make Up Store Marble Microshadow in Indus Gold




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Recently, I’d purchased the newly packaged Make Up Store Marble Microshadow in Indus Gold! Make Up Store’s microshadows are known for being really smooth and pigmented, and this was no exception!

Pretty marbled design with ultra shimmery, but non-glittery colours, the microshadow is seriously beautiful~ Although it’s pretty expensive, you get a whole load of eyeshadow as compared to a typical eyeshadow from M.A.C or MUFE. Also, it comes with three different tones of gold, which makes this shadow really unique!

However, when picking up the colour it does have a slight bit of shadow kickback, but it doesn’t bother me. For me, this colour doesn’t have much fall-out, but if you’re really cautious, apply the eyeshadow before your foundation to make your makeup as clean as possible.

You can get Make Up Store’s products at various stores in Singapore, or online at Luxola. Make Up Store’s products are fairly pricey, so I’d recommend Luxola even though their items are usually sold out, since you can get discounts and greater savings with their promotional codes. 🙂

REVIEW: Make Up Store Marble Microshadow in Indus Gold

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