Today’s review is on US indie brand- Impulse Cosmetics!

Based in Northwest Pennsylvania, Impulse cosmetics are handmade in small batches and cruelty free (which is always a good thing). Looking at their website, their products seem to focus on the loud and daring, with pigments and lipsticks in all kinds of shades and finishes.

I was especially drawn to their duo-chrome pigments, so my sis got them as a gift for my birthday last year. Woohooooo hooray for free makeup yayyyy.

Each full-sized, pigment eyeshadow are priced around US$3.99 a pot and the sample sizes are US$1.25 each. CHEAP :))) Of course, after conversion, it amounts to about SG$6/pot, but it’s still really cheap for unique pigments that we can’t get in Singapore!




First off, the full sized pots. Each pot is labelled with a paper sticker on the back, and the ingredients are clearly listed out. The amount in each pot is ‘roughly 1/2 tsp’ according to the website, so I’m pretty sure not getting equal amounts for each pot you buy.



Each pot comes with a four-hole sifter that is sealed with a sticker on top. Peel the sticker however you like to vary the amount coming out each time you use it. I also like to pour the pigment onto the cap to control the amount that I’m using.


IMG_0077From left to right: Oil Slick, Poseidon, Narcissa, Abyss


Look at the cutie little samples! Each one is a small clamp shell container that holds ‘approx 1/4 tsp’ of product. Again, unreliable measurements, but ehh~ they’re just samples so I’m don’t mind that much. I ordered their Glam Glue Eye Base sample, two pigment shadows in ‘Leaky Cauldron’ and ‘Pilot’ (I rubbed the paper off by accident hehe) and one Metaluxe lipstick in ‘Texas Tea’.

IMG_0045 (1)Left to Right: Pilot, Leaky Cauldron

Their sample containers are really thin and small! But it’s good if you don’t want to commit to crazy colours, or you’re just using it once or twice. However,it’s a bitch to clean up after because of the lack of a sifter ughhh.. Those pesky little shadow bits just can’t stay in the shell and ruined my very clean backdrop.


IMG_0048 (1)


I wanted to try one of their Metalluxe lipsticks and the colour ‘Texas Tea’ was screaming at me to buy it!!! It’s a beautiful, true copper shade that reminds me so much of a picture of copper pipes that I saw in my textbook before. Hahaha weird, I know.

One gripe about this lipstick is that if I rub my lips together, it will emphasize the CRAP out of my natural lip lines, and the metallic sheen highlights it even more. I’ll probably use a gloss over top if I’m wearing this shade to soften the wrinkly effect.

IMG_0051From Left to Right, starting from the top: Pilot, Leaky Cauldron, Oil Slick, Narcissa, Poseidon, Abyss, Texas Tea



Each colour is swatched on top of the Glam Glue Eye Base for maximum shine and pop. I really like these unique colours and they have so much shine and colour pay-off WITH the eye base. I found using M.A.C Fix Plus helps the shadows to pop even more, and it anchors the shadow to the lid better.

The pigments have a soft texture and are high in glitter content. Most of the colours I got are glitters with a black base, so they aren’t pure glitters and often these shadows have a black, hazy perimeter when packed onto the eye.

Some concerns:

  1. On the eyes, I noticed that Leaky Cauldron tends to crease, even with the added security of the eye base. I’ve yet to try all the colours so I’m not too sure about the rest.
  2. I hardly noticed a duo-chrome effect(apart from the lilac shade) even though the website states so?
  3. Poseidon, the dark purple, stains my eye like a MOTHER. Even after removing the makeup, my eye was left with a bluish-green tint, and I am now very afraid to use this on a client. I have no qualms on using it on myself though, as long as I’m not going out the next day. 😛

Overall, Impulse Cosmetics was worth the try! It’s not often that you get to see such interesting colours, so i’m glad I bought some to test them out. However, I would say skip the shadow samples and buy the pots- cleaning up was too much of a hassle every time.

Take note of shipping costs and wait for a sale, it makes everything slightly cheaper with their coupons and promo codes!




I’m back with another review!!!!

(I’m trying to be more thorough in my reviews and give more product shots, so please comment if you have any thoughts!)

And this time it’s on Sleek’s Ultra Mattes V1 Palette- the original Ultra Mattes! If bright colours are not your thing, you might prefer V1’s sister- the ultra Mattes V2. You can see my review on Ultra Mattes V2 here.


New folder (2)



Packaging Detail~

Every Sleek i-Divine palette has the classic matte black packaging, with pocket-size dimensions! As usual, the packaging always fits well in the palm of your hand and the slim shell is great for layering multiple palettes together in my makeup kit 🙂



As you can see, the colours are all bright, neon shades, that really pop on the eyes. It’s so bright and unwearable, but I love the colours!

I have to say though the shadows don’t swatch well, and they were really really hard to swatch on the arm. ‘Floss’ and ‘Crete’ couldn’t even show up on my arm after repeated tries, so I just gave up haha. I do find that they work better on the eyes, so it’s still alright (although not fantastic!).


Ultra Mattes V2 swatched much better and the colours in the  Vintage Romance palette was much more pigmented. Just like the sister palette, the shadows in here vary in textures- some are really rough, while some feel so buttery smooth. What’s more, the repeated pink colour in this palette was kind of a let down~


Of course, you can always use a white base to let the colours pop!  I’ve tried using it on a M.A.C paint pot in Camel, a nudy dark beige, but it didn’t appear as well as on a white cream base like NYX’s jumbo eye pencil in Milk.

Overall, the palette was meh~ You get what you pay for the price I guess? It’s not that bad as long as you use white base underneath, but just the shadows themselves were only alright.

You can purchase Sleek Ultra Mattes V1 here!

Stay tuned for more reviews coming up next! Hopefully the pictures would have better quality as well!



REVIEW: Australis AC ON TOUR Palette in Medium


Today’s review is on Australis’ AC ON TOUR palette in Medium, and OH MY  have I not been blogging for a loooong time. I was gone mostly because of my holiday to London(where I bought lots of makeup hehehe) and also because I wasn’t feeling very motivated to blog for that period. It’s kind of hard to continue doing this with limited supplies, while trying to achieve some quality. All my photos are taken with my IPhone under natural light, so it’s really difficult to achieve the same lighting for every picture and etc etc. But oh well, I guess I just need to experiment a little and all.


Top Row- highlight shades/ Bottom row- contour shades


This palette claims to be for medium complexion and my first thought was that this is SO dark for medium skin tones! But after testing out the colours, I realised the colours can work as long as you’re using a light hand. The pigmentation for these shadows are really great, albeit a little powdery- but that doesn’t really bother me.

You’ll notice that the many orange-toned colours, including the highlight shades in this palette, are more suited to those who are tanned. But for me, I prefer to use it as a light bronzer and they still work really well. Besides, you can always use them as eye-shadows, so no fuss there eh?


The top three shadows are the highlights and you get a really nice, shimmery champagne highlight. There’s no glitter in it, but it’s still packs a punch for what it is. It gives off a nice glow and I really like this shade!

Back of Palette

Personally, I think contouring guidelines like the one on the back of this palette, are very misleading. Contouring should be applied based on your face shape, so try not to religiously follow these steps!

Overall, the pigmentation for this palette is really, really good and I like the variety of colours. However, I think this would suit those of darker skin tones, and perhaps the palette in light complexion would be better suited for light to medium skin.

I will do looks incorporating this palette soon!


REVIEW: Australis AC ON TOUR Palette in Medium