REVIEW: Australis AC ON TOUR Palette in Medium


Today’s review is on Australis’ AC ON TOUR palette in Medium, and OH MY  have I not been blogging for a loooong time. I was gone mostly because of my holiday to London(where I bought lots of makeup hehehe) and also because I wasn’t feeling very motivated to blog for that period. It’s kind of hard to continue doing this with limited supplies, while trying to achieve some quality. All my photos are taken with my IPhone under natural light, so it’s really difficult to achieve the same lighting for every picture and etc etc. But oh well, I guess I just need to experiment a little and all.


Top Row- highlight shades/ Bottom row- contour shades


This palette claims to be for medium complexion and my first thought was that this is SO dark for medium skin tones! But after testing out the colours, I realised the colours can work as long as you’re using a light hand. The pigmentation for these shadows are really great, albeit a little powdery- but that doesn’t really bother me.

You’ll notice that the many orange-toned colours, including the highlight shades in this palette, are more suited to those who are tanned. But for me, I prefer to use it as a light bronzer and they still work really well. Besides, you can always use them as eye-shadows, so no fuss there eh?


The top three shadows are the highlights and you get a really nice, shimmery champagne highlight. There’s no glitter in it, but it’s still packs a punch for what it is. It gives off a nice glow and I really like this shade!

Back of Palette

Personally, I think contouring guidelines like the one on the back of this palette, are very misleading. Contouring should be applied based on your face shape, so try not to religiously follow these steps!

Overall, the pigmentation for this palette is really, really good and I like the variety of colours. However, I think this would suit those of darker skin tones, and perhaps the palette in light complexion would be better suited for light to medium skin.

I will do looks incorporating this palette soon!


REVIEW: Australis AC ON TOUR Palette in Medium

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