I’m back with another review!!!!

(I’m trying to be more thorough in my reviews and give more product shots, so please comment if you have any thoughts!)

And this time it’s on Sleek’s Ultra Mattes V1 Palette- the original Ultra Mattes! If bright colours are not your thing, you might prefer V1’s sister- the ultra Mattes V2. You can see my review on Ultra Mattes V2 here.


New folder (2)



Packaging Detail~

Every Sleek i-Divine palette has the classic matte black packaging, with pocket-size dimensions! As usual, the packaging always fits well in the palm of your hand and the slim shell is great for layering multiple palettes together in my makeup kit 🙂



As you can see, the colours are all bright, neon shades, that really pop on the eyes. It’s so bright and unwearable, but I love the colours!

I have to say though the shadows don’t swatch well, and they were really really hard to swatch on the arm. ‘Floss’ and ‘Crete’ couldn’t even show up on my arm after repeated tries, so I just gave up haha. I do find that they work better on the eyes, so it’s still alright (although not fantastic!).


Ultra Mattes V2 swatched much better and the colours in the  Vintage Romance palette was much more pigmented. Just like the sister palette, the shadows in here vary in textures- some are really rough, while some feel so buttery smooth. What’s more, the repeated pink colour in this palette was kind of a let down~


Of course, you can always use a white base to let the colours pop!  I’ve tried using it on a M.A.C paint pot in Camel, a nudy dark beige, but it didn’t appear as well as on a white cream base like NYX’s jumbo eye pencil in Milk.

Overall, the palette was meh~ You get what you pay for the price I guess? It’s not that bad as long as you use white base underneath, but just the shadows themselves were only alright.

You can purchase Sleek Ultra Mattes V1 here!

Stay tuned for more reviews coming up next! Hopefully the pictures would have better quality as well!



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