Did another zombie face for my friend’s film. It’s a short film teaching medical symptoms etc etc.

Tried to focus more on lumpy textures, and this time i covered the eye so that it looks even more drastic and gory hehe. But i do realise I have to try something different soon, can’t be doing the same zombie face all the time boooo.




Late Halloween Post






I know, I know, Halloween’s long over, but better late than never right!!?

This was a job I did during Halloween for Club Brix at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, and the super jenky location was so apt for the feels hahaha.

I’m a bit sad that I’ve yet to expand out of my usual zombie/burnt face looks but I will persevere!!

Late Halloween Post

Easy Halloween Look


If you’re desperate for a Halloween look but you’re not sure what to do, just go as a¬†batshit crazy person¬†hahaha. I don’t really celebrate Halloween (except the occasional Universal Studios Halloween Horror visits) , but I always create looks like these for school camp fright nights! It’s really easy and you can literally be as messy as you want.

The look above was adapted from my previous post, and I just rubbed the eyeshadow and lipstick around. Mix some eyeshadow with water and let it drip from the lower lash line and voila~ you are now a crazy ass biyatch. Remember to utilise your hands! Hands give a nicer, more rough effect as compared to brushes.

Easy Halloween Look