Hello! Today’s look is a continuation of the previous look on my blog, and this time it’s a series of 3 different variations of one look! I was heavily influenced by this picture and I thought the look was so beautiful but so uni-sexual as well.

I am really, really happy with this look! 🙂 Thanks to my boyfriend who posed so well too, don’t you think his features pair with the look pretty well?




Can you spot the tree? Haha it was actually an accident, but it turned out so good!

I’ve used:

Sparmax airbrush 0.25mm gun with unknown airbrush colours (sorry >< )

Simple makeup removing wipes ( to create the 2nd and 3rd look)


Makeup Inspiration: Illusion makeup




OH MY GOD! The makeup is amazing~

Pictures are all taken from Alexander Khoklov’s website – http://www.alexanderkhokhlov.com/

I’m not sure who the makeup artist is but I have linked all the pictures to the original website, which is the photographer’s portfolio site.

UPDATE: I’ve found the name of the makeup artist! Valeriya Kutsan– Clink this link to go to her website.

*Pictures do not belong to me

Makeup Inspiration: Illusion makeup