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Hey ho!

Slow updates on the blog- sorry for that! Between work and makeup shoots, I don’t have much time to post here tee hee.

Anyway, I did another cheeky, creative makeup look on my friend, Vera! She was kind of reluctant to let me post haha but I managed to squeeze an ‘ok’ out of her!

These looks were all inspired by memories of makeup looks that I have seen before. The first one was heavily inspired by this image:

Makeup : Heidi North Photography : Tré & Elmaz Styling : Victoria Barban
photography Tré & Elmaz 
makeup Heidi North 
styling Victoria Barban

(Image Source:

I’ve used: 

Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin Foundation

Make Up Store Cover All Mix

Glitter foam from the craft store

Ripi Try on Lashes in Rp-06

Ardell Individual lashes in medium flare black

Let me know what you think! Would love to hear your opinions on these looks 🙂




Cheeky Cheeky!

Moody Vibes





I did another make-up look this time :0 Wanted to create a moody, clown-ish type of look with more sombre lightings. I got inspired by some images I saw, but unfortunately I can’t find them 😦

These type of looks are definitely my style- I love looks that are moody, dark and kind off odd-looking. Yet to balance and make it look somewhat “natural” is no easy feat!

I’ve used:


Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin Foundation

Innisfree No-Sebum Powder

Make Up Store Ginger blush


Kathleen Lights X Morphe Eyeshadow palette

Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil in 6


Urban Decay lipstick in 69

Moody Vibes

Dance of Death


Growing up with Georgia Byng’s Molly Moon; Inspired by Danse Macabre

I call you to join the dance, Molly’s Dance of Death. Let her ease the pain and burdens of your life; let her lift you up to an afterlife giving you complete liberation and a fresh start for life. Lose yourself; lose your pain.

– Original Source: Anya’s post

Amazing photoshoot that I assisted for Makeup Mastered students, my friends, Ying Cui and Anya.

Photographer: Anya Likhitha
HMUA: Wong Ying Cui
HMUA Assistant: Tan Jing Hui (me!)
Stylist: Hoi Yao
Accessories: Vetivr
Model: Ave Rohtla from Looque Model
I love the pictures! Inspired by so many sources – Molly’s Dance of Death, Danse Macabre… when I saw the photos I was shook!
If you want more information on this shoot, the photographer did a really good post on it.
Hope you like the pictures as much as I do!
Dance of Death


Hello! Today’s look is a continuation of the previous look on my blog, and this time it’s a series of 3 different variations of one look! I was heavily influenced by this picture and I thought the look was so beautiful but so uni-sexual as well.

I am really, really happy with this look! 🙂 Thanks to my boyfriend who posed so well too, don’t you think his features pair with the look pretty well?




Can you spot the tree? Haha it was actually an accident, but it turned out so good!

I’ve used:

Sparmax airbrush 0.25mm gun with unknown airbrush colours (sorry >< )

Simple makeup removing wipes ( to create the 2nd and 3rd look)


Makeup Inspiration: Illusion makeup




OH MY GOD! The makeup is amazing~

Pictures are all taken from Alexander Khoklov’s website –

I’m not sure who the makeup artist is but I have linked all the pictures to the original website, which is the photographer’s portfolio site.

UPDATE: I’ve found the name of the makeup artist! Valeriya Kutsan– Clink this link to go to her website.

*Pictures do not belong to me

Makeup Inspiration: Illusion makeup