Did another zombie face for my friend’s film. It’s a short film teaching medical symptoms etc etc.

Tried to focus more on lumpy textures, and this time i covered the eye so that it looks even more drastic and gory hehe. But i do realise I have to try something different soon, can’t be doing the same zombie face all the time boooo.




Late Halloween Post






I know, I know, Halloween’s long over, but better late than never right!!?

This was a job I did during Halloween for Club Brix at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, and the super jenky location was so apt for the feels hahaha.

I’m a bit sad that I’ve yet to expand out of my usual zombie/burnt face looks but I will persevere!!

Late Halloween Post

ITEC Level 3 Special EEffects Exam






Completed my ITEC Level 3 Diploma on the 24th of January. It was a tough but a good experience.

Created a rotting flesh effect and a large cut effect on the model with latex and derma wax. The makeup and costume inspiration was taken from the internet and I loved the overall result. The costume was all handmade, apart from the skull belt and it took several months to complete. Of course, I took a really long time to complete it as I didn’t consistently work at it.
Here are my inspirations:
This picture was my main inspiration for the character. The staff, and hand gear were inspired by this image.
This picture was the inspiration for the character’s makeup. I wanted something gothic and evil looking, while still maintaining a cool and intoxicating look. This picture was perfect and i followed almost all of the makeup according to this picture because I loved it so much.

This picture was the inspiration for the shoulder armour. Along the way, I started changing the look of the armour to a more textured and ‘evil’ looking one and I was extremely pleased with the results.

That’s it! The costume is being sold on Carousell, and you can click on this link┬áif you’re interested in buying it! (Singapore only)
ITEC Level 3 Special EEffects Exam