Did another zombie face for my friend’s film. It’s a short film teaching medical symptoms etc etc.

Tried to focus more on lumpy textures, and this time i covered the eye so that it looks even more drastic and gory hehe. But i do realise I have to try something different soon, can’t be doing the same zombie face all the time boooo.




Fashion Shoot- Floating Liner




Here are some shots of a fashion photoshoot I did with fashion designer, Jesslyn! This collection is really beautiful and it was featured in Singapore Fashion Week 2016!

The makeup I did was a simple, clean understated look with a simple black floating liner on the lids.I also styled the hair into a sleek ponytail so that the clothes would stand out. Pink cream blusher and peachy lips pulled it all into a simple, yet elegant look! Aneta‘s face structure is incredible *swoon*

Fashion Shoot- Floating Liner

Late Halloween Post






I know, I know, Halloween’s long over, but better late than never right!!?

This was a job I did during Halloween for Club Brix at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, and the super jenky location was so apt for the feels hahaha.

I’m a bit sad that I’ve yet to expand out of my usual zombie/burnt face looks but I will persevere!!

Late Halloween Post

Sirens of The Seas – Photoshoot for Ms World Singapore 2016



Hey everyone I’m back with more beautiful photos of recent work that I’ve done! This one’s really fun and I had a great time creating more va-va-voom looks for that seductive vibe.

The theme for the looks was Sirens of The Seas and they had to be centered around rich, deep blues and blacks. I threw in some glitter in the first look, usingĀ Impulse Cosmetics‘ loose eye shadow in ‘Oil Slick’ and for looks using black shadows, I used Shiro Cosmetics‘ super black and super matte loose shadow in ‘Dwarf in The Flask’. Can you tell I love indie brands!?

If you’re interested in duo-pigments, crazy glitters and fun colours, definitely check these brands out! They’re cost effective and fun ways to experiment with makeup and colour šŸ™‚ I lurrrrrv them.

Sirens of The Seas – Photoshoot for Ms World Singapore 2016

Recent Work: Earthy Tones






Did makeup and hair for a fashion photoshoot recently ~ pretty happy with the results! Of course, it helps that the model was super beautiful!!!!

As usual, it’s a simpler look focusing on earthy tones to match the clothing, and an elegantĀ hairdo to frame the face without taking away the focus from the clothing.

The clothes are all designed and produced by Cassie (instagram : @cassiedddai). Isn’t it amazing what one person can produce!?

Fashion design: CassieĀ (instagram : @cassiedddai)

Model: Florencia (instagram: @florcassola)


Recent Work: Earthy Tones