Isn’t space a great inspiration? This picture was heavily edited to bring out a certain ‘feel’ I wanted, hope you don’t mind! I add filters only for an artistic sense, while most of my pictures have only its’ brightness and contrast adjusted. Other than that, I don’t do much to my pictures… because I don’t know how!

I’ve used:

Innisfree Eco Gel Liner

Shiro Cosmetics Dwarf in The Flask

Impulse Cosmetics Pilot


Freckles and Shine





My first time practicing freckles plus no foundation on 🙂 This was inspired by one of the looks created by @darya_kholodnykh , I love her work so so much!!

Felt like this is one of the best looks I’ve done so far, in my humble opinion.

I’ve used:


Light Brown and Red Brown pencils from The School of Makeup

NYX Slim Eye Pencil in Dark Brown

Make Up Store Blush in Ginger

E.L.F. Studio Baked Highlighter in Blushed Gems


Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil in 6

Rimmel London Scandal’eyes Shadow Stick in Blamed Blue

Shiro Cosmetics Zora Sapphire

Shiro Cosmetics All Kinds of Courage

Shiro Cosmetics Main Brain Game Frame

Shiro Cosmetics Glowstick of Destiny

Shiro Cosmetics Gems are Outrageous

Shiro Cosmetics A Free Elf

(can you tell I have a thing for Shiro cosmetics~ hehehehe)


Revlon Super Lustrous Creme in Mink


Freckles and Shine

Sirens of The Seas – Photoshoot for Ms World Singapore 2016



Hey everyone I’m back with more beautiful photos of recent work that I’ve done! This one’s really fun and I had a great time creating more va-va-voom looks for that seductive vibe.

The theme for the looks was Sirens of The Seas and they had to be centered around rich, deep blues and blacks. I threw in some glitter in the first look, using Impulse Cosmetics‘ loose eye shadow in ‘Oil Slick’ and for looks using black shadows, I used Shiro Cosmetics‘ super black and super matte loose shadow in ‘Dwarf in The Flask’. Can you tell I love indie brands!?

If you’re interested in duo-pigments, crazy glitters and fun colours, definitely check these brands out! They’re cost effective and fun ways to experiment with makeup and colour 🙂 I lurrrrrv them.

Sirens of The Seas – Photoshoot for Ms World Singapore 2016